Research Assistantships

Exploratory Research: Online Genetics/Genomics and Biological Citizenship in Cross-National Perspective
February 2015 – present | Dr. William Leeming | The Ontario College of Art and Design University

Nuit Blanche and Transformational Publics
December 2012 – 2014 | Dr. Siobhan O’Flynn | University of Toronto

“Evaluating Learning and Assessment Tools in Experiential and Service Learning”
Summer 2011 | Professor Ahmed Allahwala | University of Toronto at Scarborough

“Commercial gentrification, diverse economies and the politics of social mix in Toronto”
May – December 2011 | Professor Katharine Rankin | University of Toronto

“Planning for Urban Community Land Trusts”
Summer 2010 | Professor Susannah Bunce | University of Toronto at Scarborough