Talk: The Production of Presence: The Internet & First-Person Illness Narratives

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On Saturday October 24, 2015, I will be delivering a talk titled “The Production of Presence: The Internet & First-Person Illness Narratives” at the Dalla Lana Student-Led Conference. The theme of the 2015 conference is Racial Justice Matters: Advocating for Racial Health Equity. More information can be found here.

This is a description of my talk:

The Production of Presence: The Internet & First-Person Illness Narratives

Narratives are generally understood as stories that order events across time and also structure the account of these events in ways that give meaning to the experiences of the story teller.”
(Stephens and Breheny, 2013).

In a clinical setting, illness narratives convey the experiences of persons receiving healthcare; identity is integral to experience and shapes perspectives and attitudes. The experiences of individuals from racialized and minority groups are varied and extensive, but often the biomedical model of healthcare excludes these personalised narratives. The Internet provides spaces where illness narratives can be published, disseminated and find an audience; my talk looks at when these narratives are being produced by individuals from minority groups, they produce “presence”, and valuable insights on the experience of disease.



Stephens, C., & Breheny, M. (2013). Narrative analysis in psychological research: An integrated approach to interpreting stories. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 10(1), 14-27.

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