New Vulnerabilities: Women of Color, Privacy, And The False Dualism Of Online and Offline

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My own academic research, driven by my online activities and what I observe in Internet spaces, investigates how women of colour in Toronto integrate their online presences into their offline city-building work. Through the course of my research, I have become more and more interested in how the separations and borders I had imagined existed were actually absent. It is a false dualism that separates online and offline lives.

I wrote another piece for Model View Culture, called “New Vulnerabilities: Women of Color, Privacy, and the False Dualism of Online and Offline“. It’s on the false dualism of online and offline lives / personas / activities, and what that brings up for women of colour in particular. I interviewed The FADER senior writer Rawiya Kameir and the Idea Generation’s Rochelle Roberts for their thoughts on how their online and offline lives intersect and overlap.

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